Exporting Files

Exporting Files

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Exporting Files

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To save a file in HyperCrash, do the following:

1.From the menu bar, Select File > Export.
2.Select the file format to output.


RADIOSS input deck (from version 3.1)

Nastran for Crash

Nastran bulk format with automatic translation for crash analysis

Nastran for Nastran

Nastran bulk format

.UNV File

Universal file format (compatible with IDEAS file format)


LS-DYNA keyword format (from version 950)


PAM-CRASH 2G format (from version 2002)

3.In the new sub-window, select the directory to save the model to (left area part).
Note:To choose your directory to save to, type in the first few letters of the directory you wish to save to and press TAB.  HyperCrash will display a list of all directories whose names begin with those letters.  Click the name of the appropriate directory in the list.

You also may choose to copy and paste the file directory path.  After copying the path, right-click in the Selection field, and select Paste.  Then, press TAB on the keyboard to navigate to the correct path.

You may save the file to an external directory, such as a mapped drive, if you wish.  Enter the path (including the final \), and press TAB, or else copy and paste the path into the Selection field.

4.Enter the name of the model to save, or keep the default name (same as the name of the loaded file).
5.Select OK to save the model or Cancel to cancel the save.



1.In the sub-window, Include Files settings (optional window), select:

No include file

to write all the materials in the output file

Material file

to write the material in a specific include file

Data Base Material File

to set an include file for all the material which is defined in a database

Set the directory and file name if necessary

Click OK to save the model or Cancel to cancel the save.

2.In the sub-window, HEADER of D00, modify the text (comment) and click Save to write the model or click Cancel to cancel writing the model.
3.If the selected file name already exists, answer the question in the pop-up dialog window.