Dummy Positioner

Dummy Positioner

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Dummy Positioner

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Dummy positioner in the LS-DYNA profile

1.Import the dummy file using the File menu.
2.From the Safety menu, select Dummy Positioner.

The dummy parts are listed in a hierarchy in the Dummy Posit panel.

3.Click the names of body sections to expand in order to display the parts that make up each section.
4.Click a part listed in the Dummy Posit panel to highlight it in the graphic area.

In the lower section of the Dummy Posit panel, the Max Stop, Current, and Min Stop values for the currently selected part are displayed.

5.Change the angles by using the up or down arrows for each value, by typing in values directly, or by clicking manipulatedisplay-24 and using the mouse to manipulate the object graphically.
Note:If the values for the degree of freedom are 'grayed out,' they cannot be changed.


Control the H-point

The H-point is controlled by manipulating the model at the top level in the Dummy Posit panel.

1.Select the top level item of the file in the Dummy Posit panel.
2.With the H-Point menu set to Node Position, click the node selection button (selectnodegeneral-24) in the Dummy Posit panel, and then select a node in the model display.
3.Enter values in the Rx:, Ry:, and Rz: fields to manipulate the rotation of the dummy.


With the H-Point menu set to Coordinates, enter coordinates for Hx:, Hy:, and Hz:.

Note:To see more information about the alpha, beta, and theta for each part, click the expand arrows ( expand_arrows) at the upper-right hand corner of the Dummy Posit panel.


How Do I ...

Save a dummy positioning

Merge a dummy in the model

View the dummy in different perspectives

Move the dummy to the right location

Move the torso and the head

Move the upper limbs

Move the lower limbs

Restore a dummy

Delete a dummy

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