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Renumber the entire the model

1.From the Menu Bar, select Mesh Editing > Renumber.


If the Mesh Editing panel is already open, select Renumber from the pull-down menu in the panel.

2.Choose one of the available options:
Click Default Values to renumber from a predefined value.
Click User Defined Values to renumber from values defined by you.
Click Select/Unselect All Entities 10_me_selectallentitiesto select or unselect all entities.
Click Reverse Selection of Entities 10_me_reverseselection to reverse the entities selected.
From the objects in the detail list window, click the toggle button and set the starting value in the field, ID From: field. The To: field(s) is (are) automatically updated.
3.Click Renumber to save the changes.
4.Click Reset to cancel the changes and reset the default values.
5.Click Close to close the menu.


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