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HyperCrash is a CAE pre-processor developed to support RADIOSS, Altair's non-linear finite element solver. HyperCrash provides a comprehensive environment to study occupant simulations and other requirements of the crash-safety domain.


Extensive pre-processing capabilities for LS-DYNA and RADIOSS.
Ongoing support of RADIOSS and most keywords.
Robust tools for easy conversion of input decks from LS-DYNA to RADIOSS with minimal user intervention.
Support of PAM CRASH 2G as well as conversion from PAMCRASH to RADIOSS.
Extensive tools for crash-safety applications: model building, property and material creation, connection definition, quality checking, and more.
Full suite of welding techniques such as glue, bolts, and spot welds.
Results Mapper module for mapping metal-forming results.
Key Safety modules: dummy positioning, seat deforming, belt generator, and airbag folding.
Extensive library of LS-DYNA and RADIOSS dummies with advanced positioning and seat-belt routing tools.



Improves user efficiency with intuitive pre-processor interface.
Minimizes errors in LS-DYNA and RADIOSS with a reliable model check on the input deck.
Enables easy checking and removal of penetrations and intersections.
Offers numerous tailored panels to help users create and update the many cards needed to setup LS-DYNA and RADIOSS models.

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