To modify or delete a Rigid Wall

To modify or delete a Rigid Wall

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To modify or delete a Rigid Wall

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1.From the Menu Bar, select LoadCase > Rigid Wall > Modify.
2.Select rigid walls using one of the following methods:




select all the rigid wall(s).


pick rigid wall(s) in the graphic window.


draw a box around the rigid wall(s) to select


pick parts in the graphic window. When finished, answer the question in the Dialog menu bar with Yes or Cancel.


pick rigid wall(s) in the graphic window, drag a box to select parts.


Click the rigid wall line in the listing window to select it. Several rigid walls from this list can be selected using the SHIFT, CTRL, or SHIFT+CTRL keys.


displays the rigid walls in the graphic window.

3.Select only one rigid wall and click reviewGeneral-24 for the option to do any of the following:
Change the rigid wall name.
Modify the rigid wall secondary nodes.
Modify the rigid wall properties.
4.Click deleteGeneral-24 to delete the selected rigid walls.
5.Answer the question in the pop-up dialog window with Yes or Cancel.
6.Click See to view the modified rigid wall.
7.Click Save to save the modified rigid wall; or

Click Cancel to cancel the rigid wall modifications.

8.Click Close to close the menu.


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