To modify an accelerometer

To modify an accelerometer

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To modify an accelerometer

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1.From the Menu Bar, select Data History > Accelerometer > Modify.


If the Data History panel is open, select Accelerometer > Modify from the pull-down menu.

2.In the Accelerometer to modify list, click the accelerometer.
3.Click reviewGeneral-24 to display the accelerometer in the graphic window.

It is possible to:

Modify the accelerometer's name by setting a new name in the Accel. name field and validating with Ok.
Change the accelerometer position (see Node selection).
Modify the reference axis (see Reference axis).
Modify the cut-off frequency (see Cut-off frequency).
4.Click Save to save the accelerometer modifications; or

Click Cancel to cancel the accelerometer modifications.

5.Click Close to close the menu.