To merge a dummy in the model

To merge a dummy in the model

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To merge a dummy in the model

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In order to select a dummy in this module, set the correct environment and check the Safety Module Reference Manual.

1.From the Menu Bar, select Safety > Dummy Positioner.
2.From the Dummy model list, select New dummy.

The Dummy Manager tab opens.

3.Select the keywords using Select / Unselect.
Select: the selected keywords are displayed in the keyword drop-down list in red and are also displayed in the window, Keywords.  Choose a word from the drop-down list to be added to the window.
Unselect: choose an already selected keyword (in red) from the drop-down list to remove it from the Keywords window.
4.Click SEARCH in DataBase to start the search.

All the dummies in the database that are defined with the same list of keywords are displayed just below in the window with the name of the database and the keyword list.

The selected dummy is displayed in the small graphic window. Using the mouse, it is possible to rotate, zoom and move the submodel in this small graphic window.

5.Click Synchro displacement to synchronize the displacement between the small graphic window and the main one.
6.After selecting a model, click Validate.

The Offset tab opens.

7.Set the value in the window and click Set all to: to set this offset value for whole entities.
8.Set the value in the window for each entity.
9.Click Confirm Offset to validate the defined offset values; or
Click Reset to set the default value.
Click Ok to merge the model and answer the question at the bottom right of the screen with Yes or No.

The values displayed in red are incorrect and must be changed. Negative offset values can be input.

11.Click Cancel to close the window.

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