To delete a spotweld

To delete a spotweld

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To delete a spotweld

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It is possible to delete or uncreate spotwelds.

1.From the Menu Bar, select Connections > Spotweld > Modify.
2.Select spotwelds in the list (see Spotweld selection for more information).
3.Click deleteGeneral-24 to delete the selected spotwelds.
4.Answer the question in the pop-up dialog window with Yes or Cancel.


Spotweld uncreation

The main advantage in uncreating spotwelds is retaining the information about the spotweld (location, set of parts) and removing the spring, its property, and the interface.  By replacing one part with another, it is possible to recreate the spotwelds.

Click spotweldsdelete thenspotweldsuncreate-10 to designate the selected spotwelds as "uncreated."

The springs, properties, parts, and interfaces are updated and cleaned.


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