Deleting Nodes

Deleting Nodes

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Deleting Nodes

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Note:Only free nodes (nodes connected to nothing) can be deleted. Press the F8 key to display the free nodes.


1.From the Menu Bar, select Mesh Editing > Node > Modify.


If the Mesh Editing panel is already open, select Node > Modify from the pull-down menu in the panel.

2.Select the Delete radio button in the panel.



To delete the free nodes one-by-one:

1.Click selectGeneral-24.
2.In the graphic window, click a free node (white node) to delete it.

The node is highlighted in red.

3.To confirm, click Save to delete the nodes; or

To cancel, click Cancel.

4.Click Close to close the menu.


To delete all the free nodes:

1.Click freeNodesDelete.
2.Answer the question in the pop-up dialog window with Yes or Cancel.
3.Click Close to close the menu.