To create Variables in a Loadcase

To create Variables in a Loadcase

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To create Variables in a Loadcase

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1.From the Variables notebook page, select the LoadCase tab.

The LoadCase types that can be parameterized are: added mass, initial velocity, rigid wall, rigid body, monitored volume, imposed velocity, imposed displacement, gravity, concentrated load, and contact interface.

See List of Variables and Responses for an extensive list of all the possible LoadCase variables.


2.Choose the type of loadcase to parameterize.

The list of loadcases of the selected type in the current model is displayed.

3.Select a loadcase by clicking one of the list items.
4.To view a loadcase, select it from the list, and click the reviewGeneral-24 button.

Once a loadcase has been selected, the list of its attributes is automatically displayed.

5.To create a variable:
Activate one of the attributes by clicking the corresponding radio button.
Enter a name in the corresponding text field.
Click the Save button.

The variable is added to the list at the top of the Variables page.

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