To create Translation/Scaling/Rotation Variables

To create Translation/Scaling/Rotation Variables

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To create Translation/Scaling/Rotation Variables

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1.From the Variables notebook page, select the Move tab.

The transformations that can be parameterized in the current version are: translation, scaling, or rotation of a selection of parts or nodes in any direction.


2.Select the nodes to move by clicking (selectNodeGeneral-24) or by box selection (selectNodeByBox), or select the parts to move by clicking (selectPartGeneral-24) or by tree selection (selectEntityFromTree-24).

To view the nodes or parts currently selected, click the reviewGeneral-24 button.

3.Choose between the translation, rotation, or scaling notebook page.
4.Define a translation direction, a rotation axis or a scaling direction by either entering the coordinates of a vector in the X/Y/Z text entries, or by selecting two nodes using vectorCreateBy2Nodes-24.
5.For scaling and rotation, select a point which will remain fixed during the transformation (scaling or rotation center). This point can be selected by picking a node (selectNodeGeneral-24) or by entering its coordinate in the X/Y/Z text entries.
6.To create a variable:
Activate one of the attributes by clicking the corresponding radio button.
Enter a name in the corresponding text field.
Click the Save button.

The variable is added to the list at the top of the Variables page.

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