To create a relative displacement

To create a relative displacement

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To create a relative displacement

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A relative displacement is a spring type 8 without mass and stiffness to measure the relative displacement between two nodes.


1.From the Menu Bar, select Data History > Relative Displacement > Create.


If the Data History panel is open, select Relative Displacement > Create from the pull-down menu.

2.Enter a name in the Relative displacements for time history field and validate with Ok.
3.Click selectGeneral-24 and pick two nodes in the graphic window. When finished, answer the question in the Dialog menu bar with Yes or Cancel.
4.In the Relative displacement list, click the desired relative displacement.

A name can be imposed for each relative displacement. In Block Format, this name will be saved and TH++ will use this specific name.

5.In the Displacement name field, enter the new name and click Ok.
6.Click Save to save the relative displacement; or

Click Cancel to cancel the relative displacement creation.

7.Click Close to close the menu.