To create a material

To create a material

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To create a material

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1.From the Menu Bar, select Model > Material.
2.Below are the available options to sort the material list:
Click entityIDGeneral-24 to sort the material list by number.
Click entityGeneral-24 to sort the material list by name.
Click 10_entityType to sort the material list by type.
Click encryptionlock to sort the material list by status.
3.Under Choose Material Law, select a material.
4.Click selectPartGeneral-24 and pick parts in the graphic window to select or deselect them.
5.Click treeAddEntity-24 to add or remove the parts from the tree selection.
6.Enter the different values in the fields for the material:
Set the value or the material name.
Click the toggle button to switch options ON or OFF.
Click the button for the function to set or modify a function.
Set the number for the function needed and click Ok.
7.Optional: for materials that include curves, click see_curve to view the curve.

A Plot Window opens.

8.Click databaseAdd-24 to save this material (as a RADIOSS input deck file):
In the new sub-window, select the directory to save the material to (left area part).
Enter the name of the material to save.
Select OK to save the material or Cancel to cancel the save.
9.Click Save to save the material creation; or

Click Cancel to cancel the material creation.

10.Click Close to close the menu.