To create a bolt

To create a bolt

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To create a bolt

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Note:To accept selection(s), press Enter, click Yes or right-click the mouse button; or select Cancel.


1.From the Menu Bar, select Connections > Bolt > Create.
2.Click boltset1_10 to select the parts of the first set. Click boltset2_10 select the parts of the second set:
Click selectPartGeneral-24 and pick part(s) in the graphic window.
Click selectPartByBox-24 to include the parts by box selection:

The default box is rectangular.  Use the SHIFT key to define a polygon box.

Click selectEntityFromTree-24 to include all the parts selected in the tree.
3.Click reviewSets-24 to view the selected parts.
4.If needed, click selectionClear-24 to clear the selection.
5.In the Location sub-window, two options are available to set the bolt center location:
Select the Location / Element tab, then
-Click selectShellElems-24 and select an element in the graphic window,
-set an element ID in the Shell Element Id field, and
-click Ok.
Select the Location / Node tab.
-Click selectNodeGeneral-24 and select a node in the graphic window,
-Click selectPoint-24 and define a point by picking the selected parts in the graphic window,
-Click twonodesbolt_10 and pick two nodes in the graphic window,
-Click twopointbolt_10 and pick two points in the graphic window,
-Set a node ID in the Node Id field and click Ok.
-Set the coordinates X, Y, and Z and click displayValueByKeyboard-24 to view the point.
6.In the Direction sub-window, set the bolt direction:
Check the Normal to element(s) box to automatically define the normal.


Uncheck the Normal to element(s) box to manually define the direction:
-Set the vector in the Vector Coord. fields; or
-Click vectorCreateBy2Nodes-24 and pick two nodes in the graphic window; or
-Click ThreeNodesPlane and pick three nodes in the graphic window. The bolt direction will be the normal to the plane defined by the three selected nodes.
7.Set the bolt properties (data)
8.In the Bolt Name field, enter the bolt name.
9.In the Length 1 field, enter the length 1.
10.In the Length 2 field, enter the length 2.
11.In the Diameter field, enter the diameter.
12.Select the type of bolt using the radio buttons:
Rigid Bolt (see Bolt modeling for more details); or
Bolt with spring and select a property (see Bolt modeling for more details):
-Enter the name in the Prop. name field; or
-Click Prop. name. A window appears and displays the available properties from the database. Select the desired  property and click on OK or Cancel to close the window.
13.Click reviewGeneral-24 to view the bolt: a blue cylinder is displayed in the graphic window.


Add nodes in the first set and/or second set

1.Click boltset1_10 to select the first set and boltset2_10 to select the second set.
Click selectNodeGeneral-24 to add nodes by picking.
Click selectByBoxAdd-24 to add nodes by box (use the SHIFT key to use a polygon box).
Click selectByBoxRemove-24 to remove nodes by box (use the SHIFT key to use a polygon box).
2.Click Save to save the created bolt.

Click Cancel to cancel the bolt creation.

3.Click Close to close the menu.


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