To check an added mass

To check an added mass

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To check an added mass

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1.From the Menu Bar, select LoadCase > Added Mass > Modify.

In the added mass list, the green rigid bodies have a correct definition, the orange ones have to be checked, and the red ones have a bad definition. HyperCrash can automatically or semi-automatically correct the added masses with errors or warnings.

2.An added mass must be checked if there are free nodes in the group of nodes:
3.Click automaticGeneral-24 to automatically select and display the incorrect added mass.
4.Using the pop-up menu from the added mass list, view the free nodes included in the added mass.
5.Remove the selected free nodes (see Node and part selection).
6.Click Save to save the modified added mass; or

Click Cancel to cancel the added mass modification.

HyperCrash will automatically open and display the next incorrect added mass.


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