To change the part color

To change the part color

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To change the part color

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1.From the Menu Bar, select the Options > Display.

A Display tab appears.

2.In the Display selection portion, select from the following:




pick part(s) in the graphic window. When finished, answer the question in the Dialog menu bar with Yes or Cancel (bottom-right of the screen).


pick boxed parts in the graphic window.


include the part(s) selected in the tree


delete the previous selection, if needed

3.In the Color portion of the window, the part color can be modified:
Use the chromatic circle: move the cursor to select the desired color in the chromatic circle.
Move the cursors to select values from the following: Hue, Saturation, Red, Green, or Blue.
Set the values for each color.
The brightness level can be adjusted with the vertical selection box (right side) or with the Value cursor.
Click Part selection to modify the color of the selected part(s).