Export Parts

Export Parts

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Export Parts

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You may wish to export one or more parts or assemblies from your model. You can select parts and assemblies to export at the same time if you wish.

1.In the Tree window, select parts and/or assemblies.

Several parts and assemblies can be selected using the SHIFT, CTRL,  or SHIFT+CTRL keys.

2.Open the context menu (right mouse button) and select Export Selection.

An Export Selection window appears.

3.Select the desired format in the File format field.
4.Click displaytreeisolate-24 to view the parts selection.
5.Select the item to export:
Click Export geometry and selected entities to export just the mesh, part, assembly, material, property and  connection.
Click Export geometry and selected entities to export the mesh and the selected features belonging to the exported parts.
6.Make a selection:
Keep partial connection (some missing linked part)
Keep unrealized connection (but not the partial one)
Add model's control card not linked to any part
7.Make selection from Additional entities to export.


8.Click Ok to export the selection and close the window.

A new sub-window appears.

9.Select the directory to save the model to (left area part).
10.Enter the name to save the model or keep the default name (name of the loaded file).
11.Select OK to save the model or Cancel to cancel or to close the window.

EXAMPLE: export parts A and B from the model



Save Only Geometry

mesh, part, assembly material, property, connection


Save Geometry and Selected Options

+ initial velocity + rigid bodies linked to the exported partsexport_5


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