Element Timestep

Element Timestep

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Element Timestep

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Elementary Time Step Function

Caution: It is strongly recommended that this function be used only when the model is finished and just prior to the start of the calculation.
1.From the Menu Bar, select Process > Element Timestep.
2.Define the name of the report in the Name field.

The report file (html) name will be: root_name.defined_name.html

3.Define the elementary minimum time step of the calculation in the Minimal Timestep field.
4.Switch the toggle button, Exclude elements in Rigid Bodies ON or OFF.
ON: the elements included in rigid bodies will not be modified.
OFF: the elements included in rigid bodies will be modified.
5.Click the radio button Automatic Timestep to automatically divide the part into 10 subparts (maximum).


Click the radio button Impose Timestep and define a time step range value for each subpart in the Imposed Timestep field.

6.Click View to view the modification proposal.
7.Click Optimize to optimize the time step and split the part into several subparts and assemblies.

Click Cancel to cancel the time step optimization.


Tools are available to modify the timestep display of the graphic window.

1.Enter a value in the Max value field or click displayTreeAdd-24 to reset the default value.
2.Enter a value in the Min value field or click displayTreeRemove-24 to reset the default value.
3.Click reviewGeneral-24 to update the graphic display.
4.Click selectionClear-24 to remove the time step colors from the graphic window.
5.Click increaseDecrease to increase or decrease the Number of colors; or

Enter a value in the window Number of colors and press the Close button to validate.