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Check the Connectivity of the Parts

1.Select parts in the tree (see Selection List for information on how to select parts in the tree).
2.From the menu bar, select Quality > Check Connectivity of Tree Selection.
3.Under Connectivity taken into account, make a selection:


Check-mark (selected): the connectivity type will be taken into account.
Blank (not selected): the connectivity type will not be taken into account.
4.If the list of connectivity does not appear in the window, select one of the following:
Click selectEntityFromTree-24 to check the current tree selection.
Click checkGeneral-24 to check the previous tree selection.
Click selectPartsConnectedByPart-24 and pick a part on the graphic window.
5.Select parts by picking from the list of connected parts, using one of the following.
Click highlightpartcolor to highlight the selected parts in the graphic window.
Click displayTreeIsolate-24 to display only the selected parts in the graphic window.
Note:The parts which are not connected to other parts appear in the window under the Free part subset.