Time History Setting

Time History Setting

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Time History Setting

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In the Modify page of the selected connection (Spotweld, Bolt, Glue, Welding line, or Hemming):

1.Select the connection to add to or remove from TH (time history) in the connection list.
2.In the connection list window, open the context menu (right-click of the mouse).
3.Select either:
Put in TH to set the connection in TH
Remove from TH to unset the connection in TH

In the connection list column accelerometersGeneral-24, the status of the connection can be:


The connection is set in TH.


The connection ID is partially set in TH (only some springs of the connection).


The connection is not set in TH.


The connection cannot be set in TH.


For each connection, the following elements are set in TH:


Each spring of the spotweld connection.


The spring of the bolt for the deformable bolt;

The rigid body for the rigid bolt.


The spring of the glue connection.

Welding line

The spring of the welding line connection.


The spring of the hemming connection.