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A bolt links two sets of parts with:

an undeformable connection. The two sets of parts are linked with one rigid body. (This option is called "rigid bolt".); or
a deformable connection. One rigid body is created for each set of parts. Those two rigid bodies are linked with a spring type beam (type 13). This option is called "bolt with spring".

The secondary nodes of the rigid body(ies) are searched in the cylinder defined below:


All the nodes of the selected parts (set 1 and set 2) inside the cylinder will be added to the bolt.



Rigid Bolt


Bolt with spring


The parameters' default values are defined in the file, <install directory>/environment/.../bolt/boltdef. This file contains:

the version number
the default bolt's name
the default property name
L1 , L2 , D
the spring length (1 mm)


How Do I ...

Create a bolt

Modify a bolt

Check a bolt

Delete a bolt


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