Cylindrical Joint

Cylindrical Joint

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Cylindrical Joint

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Use the Cylindrical Joint (cylindricaljointsgeneral-24) option from the Mesh Editing menu to create, delete, edit, or cross reference a Cylindrical Joint card (/CYL_JOINT).

In the Cylindrical Joint panel, right-click to access the context menu, and make a selection from the available choices.

Note:Selected cylindrical joints may be turned ON or OFF in the display through the Model Browser.

All cylindrical joints can be turned ON or OFF using the Display Graphic objects or Mask all graphic objects icon on the main toolbar.


Create a new cylindrical joint.

1.When you select Create New from the context menu, the /CYL_JOINT card panel appears.
2.Click to edit fields and right-click in applicable fields for more options.
3.Click to expand the Support sub-menu and make selections from this menu as applicable.
4.Click Save or Cancel when you are finished creating the card.