Modal Sensitivity Tutorial

Below are the steps to perform a Modal Sensitivity analysis to check the effects of modes.

  1. Retaining the selections made for ELine Selection, and after performing Modal Contribution Calculation, select Modal Sensitivity.
  2. Select Exclude from the Select Contributor(s) to drop-down list.
  3. Enter 50 as the percentage value for % to Exclude option.
  4. Select Mode_4, F4 = 26.55(Hz) from the Modes table.
  5. Check Plot in same graph.
  6. Click Analyze.
    This plots the Modal Sensitivity for Line (MSL) - Line 19501010 -z in a HyperGraph window. This plot contains the before and after exclusion of the mode selected for sensitivity study.

    Figure 1.
  7. Repeat the steps to explore how the sensitivity changes with inclusion/exclusion of various modes.