Load Creation Tutorial

Below are the steps for the Load Creation task, where you will create loads based on load definition CSV files. These load files are provided with the tutorial model:
  • Excitation_X.csv
  • Excitation_Y.csv
  • Excitation_Z.csv
  1. Click against Load File file path.
    A file selection dialog appears. Browse and select Excitation_X.csv from the tutorial files location.
  2. Click Add .
  3. Select the newly created table entry and click Plot .
    This plots the loading data in a HyperGraph window in the same session.

    Figure 1.

    Click to close the HyperGraph plot.

  4. Repeat the above steps to import Excitation_Y.csv and Excitation_Z.csv.
  5. Click Next to continue to the Constraints Creation task.
    CSV data is imported to the session and Tabled1 load collector is created under Curves list and displays in the Model Browser.

    Figure 2.