Results Browser

The Results Browser allows you to view the model structure while providing find, display, and editing control of entities.

The model structure is viewed as a flat, listed tree structure within the browser. However, if the model has an assembly hierarchy, then the Results Browser accommodates this hierarchical structure.

The Results Browser can be turned on or off by clicking View > Browser from the menu bar.

Figure 1.

Figure 2.

Note: The Results Browser is dockable, meaning it can be positioned anywhere within the graphical user interface by dragging it with your mouse.

Multiple entities of the same type are collected into folders in the tree structure. Each folder can be expanded or collapsed to display or hide its contents. Assemblies can also have sub-folders within the main Assembly folder, so that the items related to each assembly appear within that assembly’s folder in the Assembly Hierarchy.

Components and Systems may appear in multiple places in the tree; for example, a specific component might appear under Components and again as a sub-item of a specific Assembly or Entity Set. When appropriate, the color and display style of entities also display in the Results Browser.