Adjust HyperLife settings.

To access preferences, click File > Preferences from the menu bar.


Run at model location
HyperLife run files will be written to the Model file directory.
HyperLife home directory
Working directory for HyperLife run files.
The default directory is Documents\Fatigue\RunHistory.
User defined material directory
Directory for UsrDefMaterialDB.csv
The default directory is Documents\Fatigue\UsrDefMaterialDB.csv.
Number of processors
Global setting for the default number of processors used in every session.


Model information in graphics
Show/hide the model path in the modeling window.

Session file (.hlf) save options

Store input result file content
Store the input result file within the *.hlf file.
Store channel file content
Store the input load history files within the *.hlf file.
Note: If both of these options are unchecked, you should have these files in the same location from where they were imported during the run in order to reload the settings from the .hlf file. If not, you won't find the respective settings in the .hlf.


Output event wise results
Enable fatigue result contours per event.
Display rainflow data
Plot the 3D matrix.
If checked, an additional *.h5 file is written in the working directory where the rainflow data is stored. If the you have a hdf5 viewer, you can view the computed rainflow data.
Write run log file
HyperLife log file.
Highlights run setup summary, warnings and evaluation status.
Note: Preference options such as Theme and Language are listed in Common options of the Preferences dialog.