Entity Editor

Use the Entity Editor section of the Results Browser to view and edit various entity conditions/properties.

Click on an entity in the upper portion of the browser to automatically display the properties assigned to that entity in the Entity Editor located in the lower half of the browser.
Note: The Model View must be active within the Results Browser in order to access the Entity Editor.
Figure 1.

The Entity Editor is turned on and displayed in the browser by default; however, you can hide the editor by clicking on the show/hide toggle (located in the top right corner). In addition, the Entity Editor can be resized vertically and horizontally by clicking on the line that separates the editor from the browser or modeling window (note the double arrow) and dragging and releasing the mouse button once the desired height or width is reached.

The entity categories/properties that are displayed under the Name and Value headers will vary, depending upon the type of entity that is selected. Click on each supported entity (listed below) to view a list of properties that are available for editing.
Note: The categories/sections can be expanded/hidden within the Entity Editor by clicking on plus /minus icons located next to each category name.