Altair HyperStudy 2023 Release Notes

New Features

Explore Historical Data
A new model type has been introduced to process output files of existing data in a chosen directory. All the files containing historical data are automatically distributed to their respective run directories.


Measures as Output Variable
HyperView connection now supports measure type responses.
Launching Processes with Select Environment Variables
Environment variables can now be independently set and unset for each solver process.
Performance Gain in Model Evaluations
HyperStudy Fit and Internal Math Models can now be optionally run without directories to improve performance.
User Macros in Excel Connection
A new model setting option has been added to specify the macro.
Auto-Selecting Best Fit Model for Vector Predictions
FAST algorithm has been extended to support Vector Fits.


  • Classic HyperMesh and MotionView connections have been retired.