Altair HyperCrash 2022.3 Release Notes


Radioss keywords support
Function scale factors have been added in /PROP/TYPE32.
Tpressfit attribute has been added in /INTER/TYPE25.
Model Checker
The following checks are enhanced to consider Radioss /MERGE/RBODY keywords:
  • Loose nodes of springs
  • N1 not in rigid body
  • N2 not in rigid body
  • Rigid Body only on one Part

Resolved Issues

  • Attributes of Radioss keyword /DAMP are now supported in unit conversion.
  • The default value on “initial_mass_ratio” in Radioss keyword /DT/NODA has been corrected.
  • Multiple issues have been fixed in the Joint tool in the Radioss profile.
  • A correction has been made in reading LS-DYNA *MAT_RIGID when attribute values in CON1 or CON2 are left justified.
  • A correction has been made in the LS-DYNA profile to maintain *ELEMENT_BEAM PID value for spotweld connections.