Abaqus Interface 2022.2 Release Notes

Altair HyperMesh


  • Element set on component is migrated to property.
    • You need to ensure the property name is the same as the element set on which the property will be assigned to get the desired template behavior.
    • Element set will be written on the exported input file in line with *ELEMENT.
  • Structural and thermal loads from classic HyperWorks have been migrated to engineering loads which can be accessed from the Solver Browser with the solver mass entity.
  • The keyword *NONSTRUCTURAL MASS is migrated from the property to the solver mass entity and can be accessed from the Model Browser. A model check is also added.
Updates Keywords
  • Removed material in *MASS ADJUST for explicit profiles
  • Added CSTATUS output to *OUTPUT, HISTORY
  • A default name is added to *ORIENTATION keyword when used with HM system

Resolved Issues

  • An issue with sets moving to master deck for *EMBEDDED ELEMENTS is fixed.
  • Import of CPE6MP elements issue is resolved.
  • An issue with syntax change on *FASTENER PROPERTY is resolved.
  • The material keyword *CREEP had some date loss when used with power law. This issue is resolved.
  • Pressure load DLOAD defined on CPE6MP and CPE6MPH was lost on import. This issue is resolved.
  • Find and Replace tool had a selection called “ALL” causing a database error. This issue is resolved.
  • An issue with *NMAP that distorts the elements on import is fixed.
  • The tag comment was not preserved in include file and moved to main deck. This issue is resolved.
  • A HW2017 generated deck was not readable in 2022 version. This issue is resolved.
  • The keyword *ADAPTIVE MESH CONSTRAINTS was lost on import. This issue is resolved.
  • An application error on CLOAD review in loadstep manager is resolved.
  • A few segmentation errors observed on random model import are resolved.
  • Pretension manager tool was not invoking the loads after body force tools were used. This issue is resolved.
  • When a new contact pair was added to a *MODEL CHANGE, the existing pair was removed. This issue is resolved

Known Issues

  • When DLOAD from classic loads is absorbed to migrated DLOAD, a surface is created with inward facing normal on solid elements. This is just a graphics issue which on export and import will appear correct. This will be fixed in future release.