Altair HyperStudy 2022.2 Release Notes

Note: In version 2023, Altair will deprecate HyperWorks Desktop. Hence, HyperMesh Desktop Model will be retired and MotionView Model will be updated to use hstp connection scheme.

New Features

Auto-Create a New DOE Approach Based on Pareto Ranking
Input variables are ranked based on the percentage of their global contribution. Using the ranking, a new DOE approach can be created with only the most influential ones being active.
Visualize Range of Estimates for Each Prediction Point
For both Scalar and Vector Fit, an option in Trade-Off has been added to display confidence intervals.
Pedigree Information for Each Run
The origin of run number and source approach is now reported for each evaluated process.
Dedicated Post-Processing Tab for Curve Matching
In the Post-Processing step, curve-matching performance for each evaluated point can now be displayed.
New Data Source Tool for Extracting Data of Text Files
In addition to the ASCII Extract option, Regex Extract tool has been added to extract data via regular expressions.
Mobility for Vector Predictions
Vector Fit models can now be exported in FMU format.


Excel Connection: Option to Save as Copy
A copy of an excel session can optionally be saved in each run directory.
Building Vector Fits with Efficient Sampling
Sampling Fit approach has been extended to support vector fit models.

Resolved Issues

  • Correction to numerical discrepancies in HS-1610.
  • Undo action now works for removed models.