Cut and Stitch

Use this process to replace the upper body of the model with a modified design for repeated design iterations. This process uses Inspire Studio to generate/modify the upper body design and HyperMesh to switch/replace the designs as needed.

To comple this process, you must have a closed cabin floor and an apron for the specific model. The cabin floor must be free from holes and gaps. Use the HyperMesh Hole/Gap fill functionality to do this. The cabin floor should have only free edges around the sides.

Figure 1.
An apron is a surface that connects the upper body to the cabin floor. This surface is created in Inspire Studio and exported as an STL. The apron should continuously intersect the upper body, separating the space available for design changes.

Figure 2.
Use the Mesh > Fuse option in HyperMesh to fuse together the closed cabin floor and the apron.

Figure 3.
With the lower surface closed and completely intersecting the upper body, you can now import the new upper body and start setup.


  1. Import the upper body as an STL from Inspire Studio. Check for and delete any duplicate elements.

    Figure 4.
  2. Equivalence non-conforming elements so there is only one edge along the outer boundary of a surface.

    Figure 5.
  3. Import the cabin floor and apron.

    Figure 6.
    • Ensure both the upper body and the cabin floor/apron are the same scale and intersect them as desired.
    • Scale both models to 1000*m

      Figure 7.
    • Boolean the surfaces together.

      Figure 8.
    • Trim unnecessary surfaces from the model.

      Figure 9.
    • Scale to meters.
    • Import the powertrain, wheels, mirrors, and so on.

      Figure 10.