Altair ultraFluidX 2022.1.1 Release Notes

Resolved Issues

  • Merging individual output files via the command line option ultraFluidX -merge was not working correctly for several configurations, while merging complete output folders worked as expected. This issue gained importance in the context of the new frozen geometry output released with ultraFluidX 2022.1. The issue is fixed in version 2022.1.1.
  • The ultraFluidX sub-iteration output for monitoring surfaces was only working properly if combined with another high-frequency surface output with the desired temporal resolution. This dependency is now removed. Sub-iteration output for monitoring surfaces is working as expected when used without other high-resolution surface outputs.
  • Normally, ultraFluidX surface probes snap to the nearest surface triangle in the input geometry. They accidentally also snapped to, for example, monitoring surface triangles when they were expected to snap to the nearest solid surface triangle only. This issue is fixed.