Altair HyperMesh

New Features

FE Joint Creation Tool
The Joints tool enables the automatic creation of all types of FE Joints (KJOIN, JOINT, MTOJNT, MBSYS_JOINT). The tool is located on the Model Ribbon.

Figure 1.

Figure 2.


Keyword Migration to New Entity
NLAVE and RUPMO keywords are migrated from the Property entity to the Material Behaviors entity with Failure Configuration.
Keyword Updates to PAM-CRASH 2022
Control Cards:
  • AUTOSLEEP, CKCTRL, ECTRL, EIGEN, ICTRL, PRCTRL, TCTRL, LACTRL, and OCTRL cards are updated with new fields as per VPS-2022 Solver manual.
Material Cards:
  • Materials Types 101, 151, 212, 213, 225, and 307 are updated with new fields as per VPS-2022 Solver manual.
  • PLY material is now supported with META Block definition.
  • Ply Failure Model Type 12 - User defined rupture model for plies is implemented.
  • NUMPAR keyword is updated for MMAT 2020 with new fields.
Contact Cards:
  • IAC32 field is added for Contact Type 33,34, 43, and 54.
  • Conductance definition field CONDTYP is updated, and IDCURP field is added for the CNTPTY keyword.
Auxiliary Cards:
  • Rupture Model Definition is updated with IFRCDIR field.
Mass Summary Tool
Moment of inertia calculation is now inline with Solver calculation.
Rigid Body Manager has been removed and replaced by the new Rigid Body creation controller.

Resolved Issues

  • Component ID (IDPRT) Parametrization is also applied to associated Elements on exported deck.
  • For THELE and THLOC, after the creation of one keyword, the other keyword entity is removed.