Altair HyperMesh


Moved Non-structural Mass and Non-structural Material Damping Cards
These cards are migrated from Group to Solver Mass entity.
  • NSM1/NSM/NSML1/NSML bulk cards are now mapped to Solver Mass entity.
  • NSMADD bulk data card is now mapped to Solver Mass entity.
Loadstep Browser
The Loadstep Browser is available in MSC and NX Nastran profiles.
Model Checker
Free 1D element nodes check is now available in the model checker.

Resolved Issues

  • The CWELD card can now be edited.
  • Component organization is no longer lost when importing input with includes created in previous releases.
  • In the Beam Orient tool, orientation in displacement is streamlined.
    • System selection and toggle basic/displacement to define orientation vector are removed from the microdialog. A direct option to enter components in the displacement system is available. A vector tool with user system selection to enter orientation vector is always in basic.
    • The OFFT key assigned to elements when assigning orientation in the displacement system no longer has issues.

    Figure 1.

    Figure 2.