BatchMesher supports creation of feature entities and saves to the output .hm file. These can then be visualized and edited through the Feature Manager.

New Features

Meshing Release Highlights
Watch this video to learn more about Meshing features in 2023.
Normals Context
New context workflow is available to reverse and adjust the normals of surfaces and shell elements.
Normals visualization mode is added to show shell elements and surfaces normals.
Legend in the Normals context is added to show positive and negative color.
Split Context
New context workflow is added to migrate the following panels:
  • Element Split is now Plate Split
  • Solid Split
  • Layer Split
  • Combine


Performance improvements.
Automatic extraction performance improvements for extruded parts.
Added tria mesh type for midmesh extraction.
Improved midmesh editing tools to adhere to topology revision options in preferences.
Mesh Edit Workflow
This workflow is now migrated to Imprint context under the 2D ribbon.
Node list and element selection is added under the source to support unassociated mesh imprint.
Added more options in the hamburger menu of Imprint context to support mesh edit workflows.
Hex Tool
Added support for mixed guides selections.
FE Geometry
A new Coupled Show/Hide/Isolate mode has been added to bring the Associated Element/Surface to the selected entity.
  • This allows for the "classic" FE Geometry mode.
  • Extends to both CAD Geometry and FE Geometry.
Isolation of FE Geometry Elements is now possible, with the Coupled mode set to Off.
Isolation of FE Geometry Surfaces is now possible, with the Coupled mode set to Off.