New Features

Card Editor
A new Entity Editor-style Card Editor includes enhanced functionality for editing solver entities in the solver deck format.

Figure 1.
To access the Card Editor from Browsers and Graphics, choose the entity to edit, then select the Card Edit option from the context menu.
In addition to basic numeric value editing, the Card Editor includes the following features:
Create New Referenced Entities
Create new entities to be referenced within the Card Editor.
Assign Referenced Entities
Assign existing entities as references to specific fields or attributes within the Card Editor.
Create and Assign Parameters
Create new parameters and assign them to the appropriate fields or attributes within the Card Editor.
Show/Hide/Isolate and Review Referenced Entities
Use the Card Editor to show, hide, isolate, and review referenced entities.
Edit Non-solver Attributes
Apart from numeric value editing, you can modify non-solver attributes such as name, color, and other relevant entity properties within the Card Editor.
Right or Left Alignment of Numeric Fields
Choose the alignment for numeric fields.
These additional features give you greater flexibility and control over the editing and management of solver entities in the solver deck format.
Export to CSV/HTML from Hierarchy Browsers
The capability to export browser data as reports in CSV or HTML format is now supported across all hierarchy browsers, which allows you to extract and save the data from various browser views in a convenient and shareable format.

Figure 2.
For example, in the Part Browser, you can export the part hierarchy, which includes information about the different parts and their relationships within the model.
In the Mass Summary tool, you can export the mass summary details, which include information about the mass distribution, total mass, and other relevant metrics related to the model's mass properties.
Furthermore, you can export the complete model data from the Model/Include, which includes all entities and associated information.


Browser/Idle Selector Sync
This two-way sync between the Browser and Idle Selector ensures that they are always in sync.
With this implementation, setting the idle selector to an entity immediately sets the respective browser as active (if it’s open). Similarly, upon switching to a browser, the Idle selector is set to the respective entity.
This sync mechanism resolves the issue of selections made in the idle selector not being highlighted in the corresponding browser.
Card Image/Config Column
Card Image or Config (depending on the specific entity type) is added as a default column in the respective entity browsers and advanced selection dialogs to review or select entities based on the Card Image or Config.

Known Issues

  • The Entity Editor is not cleared when the entity is removed from the filtered browser list.
  • The keyword list for the Create menu is removed from entity views upon loading a model.

Resolved Issues

  • Performance issue with opening the Equations Browser.
  • Performance issue with invoking context menu on the Loads folder.
  • Hiding Load Step does not hide the referenced Loads/Load Collectors.
  • Card Image column was missing in the Advanced Selection dialog.
  • Incomplete data export (*.csv) from the Mass Summary tool.
  • Elements were put in low light upon invoking the References Browser.
  • Rename By ID considers the ID even when it's not input.