ANSYS Interface

New Features

Beam Meshing Tools
Stiffener Mesh
  • Mesh stiffeners are attached to shell elements. Support for Beam (188&189) and Rod (Link180).
    • Support mesh by proximity using free line but seeding nodes on the closest shells.
    • Inherit orientation from the shell normal.
    • Auto offset beams on top of the shell mesh.
    • You can generate a stiffener on each edge of the source shell elements.
  • The tool auto-generates the property SECTYPE and the associated section (BEAM card) from the given beam section.
    • You can leverage metadata beam section on parts holding free lines. These metadata are automatically created when importing Aveva Marine or OCX CAD formats.
Member Mesh
  • Mesh lines/edges/node path with either Beam, Rod, or Pipe engineering configurations.
  • Element type/section and property are created accordingly.
  • Beam section types are filtered based on the desired configuration.
    • for LINK180, the beam section area is directly mapped to the to field area of the section entity.

      Figure 1.

      Figure 2.

      Figure 3.
Beam Edit Tools
The Align tool is used to adjust elements' n1→n2 order.
  • Reorder nodes so the X-axis follows the closest global or local system axis in ascending order.
  • The tool supports all types of beam elements.
  • Support beams with a section entity with a beam section assigned.
  • Reorient the normal to shell on both sides.
  • You can rotate elements along their local X-axis by a given angle.
  • With the vector tool, select arbitrary orientation.
    • A node is created from that vector and used as the third node of elements.
  • Directly pick a third node or pick a reference beam element to propagate the same orientation as the reference element.
    • A node is created per element such that n1→n3 follows the same vector.
  • Offset beams on the shell mesh.
  • Assign offset keys: CENTROID/SHEAR CENTER/ORIGIN.
  • Apply the same offset as a reference element.
  • Apply incremental offset with a manipulator or set directly offset components.

    Figure 4.

    Figure 5.
Convert Beams to Surface and Shell Mesh
  • Beam188 with either standard beam section or shell beam section.
  • The tool creates surfaces from the beam section midline.
  • Generate 2D mesh (SHELL181) with thickness assigned.
Convert Beams to Solids
  • Beam188 with a standard beam section only.
  • Generate solid geometry from beams.

    Figure 6.

    Figure 7.


  • Mapping real constants of the COMBIN39p property to a curve entity has been added.