Altair HyperMesh


  • A new element type MCL6 (cylindrical membrane elements) is supported.
  • Keyword *CONTACT PAIR is enhanced to allow POSITION TOLERANCE when the ADJUST option is used.
  • Keywords *CONTACT INITIALIZATION ASSIGNMENT and *CONTACT INITIALIZATION DATA are exposed to explicit profile in tandem with standard profiles.
  • Migrated *COUPLING keyword to Constraints entity now supports HM binary files and Abaqus input files to retain component name as a prefix upon importing and opening in new versions of HyperMesh.

Resolved Issues

  • R2D2 elements now honor the input file format for Abaqus on export.
  • There is no longer an issue with contact group name retaining from binary files.
  • Search of keyword *JOULE HEAT FRACTION is now available.
  • In explicit profile, the create of *SURFACE INTERACTION now points to the correct keyword.
  • Keyword DISPLACEMENT in *DYNAMICS TEMPERATURE-DISPLACEMENT is now spelled correctly.
  • Time step calculation in explicit profile now considers direct property assignment.
  • Beam section configuration change to SOLID and accessing 2017 binary files no longer results in a segmentation error.
  • A regression from 2022.2 on comment entity to add comments to main file and include files now functions as expected.