PAM-CRASH 2G Interface 2022.3 Release Notes

Altair HyperMesh

New Features

Modular Material MMAT 2020
New MMAT 2020 is now supported along with Legacy MMAT.
Modular Part - MPART implementation.
Mechanism Tool
The Mechanism tool is now exposed in PAM-CRASH interface.

Figure 1.


Group Entity Selection Improvements
Selectors of entities in the Group Entity Editor (Contact, Mass_GES & NSMAS) are now only with 'Set' selector.
From the context menu of the Set selector, Set can be created using SEG Elements by selecting Faces, Facets, Edges in the microdialog and by creating those elements simultaneously:

Figure 2.

Resolved Issues

  • Mass calculation results for the NSMAS and NSMAS2 keywords have been corrected when MLEN, MARE, and MVOL parameters are defined.