OptiStruct Interface 2022.3 Release Notes

Altair HyperMesh


Moved OptiStruct Thermal Cards
OptiStruct thermal cards have been moved to the appropriate HyperMesh entities for ease of thermal analysis setup.
Card From HyperMesh Entity Type To HyperMesh Entity Type
CHBDYE Groups Set Segment
CONV Groups Load
PCONV Groups Property
Set Entity
Set entity has been enhanced to support BOOLEAN operator subtype in SET_GRID and SET_ELEM set types.
OSSMOOTH has been moved from the panel to the controller workflow in the Optimize ribbon.
Moved Gauge and Shape Optimization Setup
Gauge and Shape optimization setup has been moved from the panel to the controller workflow in the Optimization ribbon.
Drive Mapping Support
Drive Mapping is now supported on Export of solver decks, enabling you to work with solver decks across operating systems.

Resolved Issues

  • Issue where you were unable to select a subcase for STATSUB(BUCK) through the Entity Editor has been resolved.
  • Issue where PACPML's node id was missing in the exported OptiStruct input file has been resolved.
  • Issue with the wrong vector fields export for GRIDCON in DSHAPE card with vertex option has been resolved.
  • Issue with deletion of pretension surf from browser cause application in pretension manager has been resolved.
  • Issue with incorrect export of SN line in MATFAT definition has been resolved.
  • Issue with user comments not being written for PLY card on export has been resolved.
  • Issue with component information being lost while importing input file with plane strain element definition has been resolved.

Altair HyperGraph

Post-processing Enhancements

  • Support for JOINTG viscous damping forces from an OptiStruct-generated *.joint ASCII file.
  • Support for JOINTG and MONVOL bulk data types for time history in an OptiStruct HDF5 file.