Altair Squeak and Rattle Director 2022.2 Release Notes


  • Major performance improvement on E-lines creation and realization.
  • One click report generation.

New Features

One Click Report Generation
Create a summary report (PowerPoint) for all results and loadcases in a session in a single click. The contents of the report can be configured.

Figure 1.


Improved Performance on E-line Creation and Realization
E-lines now utilize HyperMesh Connector Controls for easy management and realization. With these improvements, SnRD creates E-lines three times faster than in previous releases.
Risk Assessment Performance and Usability
Risk Assessment has been modified to improve performance of reviewing results. Results are now viewed on model directly in HyperMesh. There is no need to load the model again in the Risk Assessment workflow. Also, you can easily switch between results.

Resolved Issues

  • Concerns regarding long realization times of E-lines on large models have been addressed.
  • Combining of load cases and modifying scale factor through load case review table is now working as expected; this had been an issue since 2022.

Known Issues

The following known issues will be addressed in a future release as we continuously improve performance of the software:
  • Pre: Connection to Ziegler PEM Database for squeak E-line material mapping is not available in this release.
  • Pre: Contour plots for multiple loadcases cannot be shown at the same time in the window.
  • Post: Comparing squeak results from multiple load cases is not supported.
  • Post: Comparing multiple load cases from different files with the same load case ID is not supported.
  • Post: Combined loading with a model which only consists of squeak lines is not supported.
  • Post: Loading a model file from a network location (unless it’s mapped to a drive) is not supported.