Manage Files in ACUSIM.DIR

ACUSIM.DIR should not be modified manually by you. Instead, AcuDmg, the file and directory manager with a graphical interface, should be used to selectively delete unneeded files. For information on the files in ACUSIM.DIR, see Files in ACUSIM.DIR.

The following steps demonstrate how AcuDmg can be used to delete a complete run or only a selection of the output contained within ACUSIM.DIR. Once certain files are removed, they cannot be restored unless the necessary applications are rerun. For instance, if all of the .dat files are removed manually or with AcuDmg, AcuSolve will need to be rerun from HyperMesh CFD, or AcuPrep will need to be rerun from the command line prior to running AcuSolve.

  1. Open AcuDmg.
    1. Click Tools > Directory Management.
      The following screen shot is taken from a tutorial where AcuSolve was run once.
      Figure 1.

  2. Expand Problem, then expand the name of your problem (in the image above, Check_Valve_Transient).
  3. Choose the files to delete using one of the following methods:
    • Select Problem to delete all files in ACUSIM.DIR
    • Select the Run <ID> to delete all files associated with a run
    • Expand the tree to select individual files to delete
  4. Click File > Delete Selected.