Improvement of the test Characterization / Model / Maps for SMPM & RSM

Options have been added to compute and display maps with respect to the rotor position dependency.

This allows obtaining an equivalent accuracy level as transient computations for most of the Emag. quantities.
Note: This is the first development step to obtain an accurate model for the calculation of efficiency maps.
Note: This improvement concerns Synchronous Machines with Permanent Magnets (SMPM) and Reluctance Synchronous Machine (RSM) as well.

In case the Rotor position dependency is set to “Yes”, computations are done in the Jd - Jq plane with an additional third axis corresponding to the rotor position θr.

Illustrations of results depending on the user’s inputs dealing with the Rotor position dependency (“Yes“, or “No”).

D-axis dynamic inductance in Jd - Jq area

Selection of rotor angular position (1) in the drop-down menu, the map is instantaneously updated (2)