Issues Short description of the source problem resolved in this version
Co-Simulation FX-22206 The script "flux_mp.oml" available in the installation folder "\flux\Flux\Api\win64\Compose" which is provided as an example for the Flux-Compose OML coupling has been upgraded in the Flux set-up in order to not depend on the Flux server version.
Documentation FX-21667 In "How to set Flux for Batch Schedulers" document, the core management section has been clarified to avoid misunderstanding about the default number of cores set for Flux.
Flux e-Machine Toolbox FX-22034 In FeMT, only one general user error message was displayed instead of several specific test were done in the code. There was an issue to display the right specific message dedicated to the issue.

It's fixed with Flux 2022.

Mesh FX-14155 Consequent speed up of the volume mesh regularization with an improvement of neighborhood computation for finite elements.
Parallel Computing FX-16215 Flux appdef for PBS has been modified to comply with most common workflows and simplify the job follow-up.

The use of job arrays had been removed and a classical job is now used while submitting a Flux job. A Flux job will then correspond to one Flux project solving. Please refer to HowTo_UseFluxWithPBS.pdf to more details.

Postprocessing FX-21267 It was not possible to check quantities during a solving process in batch mode.

In Flux 2021.2.1 an option of CSV export has been added.

All parameters (formula type) and all scalar sensor and predefined quantities (about mechanical set) are saved in this CSV file if the user give a path for this file in the solving scenario.

After to execute the solving process in batch mode, and during the solving, it's possible to edit the CSV file and check the quantities for each step already solved.

Postprocessing FX-18936 Flux 2022 features an additional possibility for the electrostatic modelling of electric arcs: computing the streamer criterion across a dielectric region is now possible. In addition to already required parameters, the user is invited to select an air or vacuum region representing the gas and a dielectric region representing the insulator and then to run the streamer evaluation.
Postprocessing FX-14649 An improvement in the Magneto Static - Integral Method has been done, this improvement allows to compute magnetic quantities such as H (magnetic field) and B (magnetic flux density) in the non meshed domain on several supports such as compound paths, grids 2d/3d, point, multi-points, ...
PyFlux command FX-18946 It has been observed that delete a lot of coils could be very slow. A new python procedure has been developed to speed-up this deletion.

If the deletion of a lot of objects appears to be slow, please try to replace .delete() by .fastDelete in your python command.

Solving FX-21892 When a project had some steps with a non-linear convergence that has been achieved thanks to the looseness of the non-linear convergence threshold, some messages could be interpreted more severely that it should be.

To improve that, labels, error messages and colorings had been modified.