About other software – supported version

Supported versions of software whose coupling is possible with Flux

External software

The use of external software can be achieved with the versions listed in the table below.

External software Supported version Supported OS
Simulink 2020 a&b, 2021 a&b Windows
Matlab 2020 a&b, 2021 a&b Windows / Linux
Microsoft Excel 64 bits Windows
Remarque : For advanced users, a coupling between Flux in Linux and Matlab in Windows is possible.

Altair software

The coupling between Flux 2022.2 and other Altair software can be achieved with these versions:

Functionalities Altair software supported version (and above) Windows 10 Linux (Oracle 8.4 and SUSE 15 SP3)
Co-simulation Activate 2022
Export to.. (Thermal analysis) AcuSolve 2022
Export to .. (Vibroacoustics and mechanical analysis) OptiStruct 2022
Shape optimization OptiStruct 2022
Flux driven by.. Compose 2022 OML language:

Python language:

Material Identification Compose 2022

see below

Mesh import HyperMesh 2022
Mesh import SimLab 2022
Parametric optimization HyperStudy 2022
Remarque : Compose 2022.2 version does not enable Material Identification tool delivered in Flux 2022.2 to work properly. It is strongly recommended to use Compose 2022.1 to run Flux 2022.2 Material Identification tool or to move to Compose and Flux further version 2022.3.

ACIS - InterOp : Format and Version Supported

Flux 2022.2 is compatible with ACIS 2019 1.0.1 version.

Tableau 1. Reader (CAD Import)
Format Extension Supported version by ACIS 2019 1.0.1
ACIS .sat, .sab, .asat, .asab R1 – 2019 1.0
CATIA V5 .CATPart, .CATProduct V5R8 – V5–6R2019
DXF .dxf 2.5 - 2019
IGES .igs, .iges Up to 5.3
Inventor .ipt (V6 – V2017) V11 – 2019
NX .prt 11 – NX 12.0.0
Parasolid .x_t, .xmt_txt, .x_b, .xmt_bin 9.0 – 31.1.188
Pro/E /Creo .prt, .prt.*, .asm, .asm.* 16 – Creo 5.0
SolidWorks .sldprt, .sldasm 98 – 2019
STEP .stp, .step AP203, AP214, AP242
Tableau 2. Writer (CAD Export)
Format Extension Versions Supported by ACIS 2019 1.0.1
ACIS .sat R18 – 2019 1.0
CATIA V5 .CATPart, .CATProduct V5 R15 – V5–6 R2019
IGES .igs, .iges 5.3
STEP .stp, .step AP203, AP214, AP242 (Geometry only)