Parametric distribution with Flux

This document guides you through using parametric distribution with Flux.


This chapter discusses the establishment of a parametric distribution in Flux. The distributed computing allows the user to save computation time while distributing several independent configurations of a same Flux project. For example a Magnetic Transient project may be distributed regarding differents values of parameters such as the geometrical parameters (size, shape etc...) or physical parameters (supply current values, speed...) varying in the scenario. Several projects will run at the same time simulating all those configurations, the main parameters of a distributed computation are the following:
  • The number of cores (i.e the number of running Flux in parallel);
  • The amount of memory for each Flux that is running an independent configuration.

Operating systems and parametric distribution

As a consequence of the operationg system chosen by the user, the workflow to set-up a parametric distribution will be similar but not the same if the user use Linux or Windows OS:
  • With Windows OS the user is invited to use CDE through this document in case of multi-machine parametrized solving scenario.
  • Using Linux OS & Windows on a single machine, the user is invited to refer to this page in order to run a distributed computation.