Advanced Animation Settings

Specify the speed and resolution with which a variable animates when animating a property.

On the 3D View contextual tabs set, on the Animate tab, on the Settings group, click the  Animation settings icon.

Figure 1. The Advanced animation settings dialog.

Frequency Animation Settings

Frequency (points/s)
Specify the animation speed.
Continuous frequency sampling (# of points)
For continuous frequency models, the frequency range is broken into a number of discrete steps, thereby specifying the sampling resolution.

Time Animation Settings

Phase (wt/s) for time harmonic signals
Specify the phase increment per second.

For example, setting phase (wt/s) = 30° will result in the phase incrementing by 30° each second and a complete 360° loop in 12 seconds.

Real time duration of animated time signal(s)
Specify the time duration of the animation before it starts to loop.

Camera Angle Animation Settings

Phi (deg/s)
Specify the phi angle for the camera angle during animation.
Theta (deg/s)
Specify the theta angle for the camera angle during animation.

General Settings

Frame rate (frames/s)
Specify the rate at which the consecutive images are displayed.