Continuous Frequency (Advanced Settings)

Choose from a number of advanced settings for a continuous (interpolated) simulation frequency to ensure a computationally efficient solution.

On the Source/Load tab, in the Settings group, click the  Frequency icon. On the Solution frequency dialog, click the Advanced tab.
Figure 1. The Solution frequency dialog (Advanced tab).

Maximum number of samples
This option limits the number of frequencies solved and as a result, the runtime.
Warning: If the solution is not fully converged, the results may be inaccurate.
Minimum frequency increment
This option limits the minimum frequency increment when refining the frequency. It is useful if there are small discontinuities in the results.
Convergence accuracy
  • High: More samples, highly resonant structure
  • Normal: Default
  • Low: Fewer samples, smooth frequency response
Quantities to include for adaptive frequency sampling
This option allows you to select the quantities to include for the adaptive frequency sampling. Quantities that are not selected, are calculated at the discrete solution frequency points.
Tip: The defaults are recommended. For example, including Currents and charges in a model with many triangles increases the run-time due to interpolation.