Adding a Component to a Model

Browse the components in the component library, select a component and either create a new model from the component or add the component to an existing model.

  1. Open the Component library dialog using one of the following workflows:
    • On the Home tab, in the File group, click the  Component Library icon.
    • Press Ctrl+L to use the keyboard shortcut.
    The Component library dialog is displayed
  2. Select the component using one of the following workflows:
    • Select a component from the library by clicking on a component in the list.
    • Enter the filter text1 criteria in the Filter field.
  3. Proceed to the next step in adding the component:
    • if you selected an antenna, click Next2 and proceed to Step 4.
    • if you selected a platform, proceed to Step 9.
  4. In the Frequency (Hz) field, specify the centre frequency of the antenna.

    Frequency scaling will be applied and the geometry of the antenna will be added according to the specified centre frequency,

  5. From the Solver type drop-down list, select the desired solver type for the antenna.
  6. In the Add configurations field, select one of the following:
    • Both single frequency and frequency range
      Select this option to add two standard configurations to the model. The first configuration is at a single frequency and the second configuration uses a continuous (interpolated) range.
    • Single frequency
      Select this option to add a standard configuration at a single frequency to the model.
    • Frequency range
      Select this option to add a standard configuration using a frequency range to the model.

      For FDTD a discrete frequency configuration is added.

    • None
      Select this option if no configurations are to be added to the model.
  7. Click the Add ground plane check box to add a ground plane. This option is only available for antenna components that have a ground plane (either finite or infinite ground plane).
  8. Click the Align created component in model check box if you want to use the Align tool to place the component.
  9. Click Create model/Add to model to create the model or to add the component to the existing model.
    If the Align created component in model check box was selected in Step 8, the Align dialog is displayed. Use the Align tool to change the placement and orientation of the component.
    Note: Click Cancel on the Align dialog to use the default placement at the origin.
The component is added as a new model or added to an existing model using the default workplane.
1 The filter text criteria is not case-sensitive.
2 An alternative method is to double-click the antenna in the list.